About us

About Us

We have come a long way.

Orphanage of All Nations, Tiko (OROALNATS) was founded on 17th March 2010 by Ayuk Thomas Agbor. It is situated at Commendant Street, Tiko – Douala road. We work with the Ministry of social affairs (MINAS) to give holistic care to orphans and vulnerable children, the downtrodden and the down and out.

Presently, the orphanage is having 30 orphans in the institution and assisting thousands of other children through outreach activities. Also, we have groomed over one thousand children over the years. Some of our children have gone to Catholic University, Buea. More so, Orphanage of All Nations, Tiko was situated at Boma Street (Two moup Hill) but due to the socio political upheaval, the orphanage relocated to Commendant Street, Tiko – Douala road.

Our approach

Our Mission
We have a duty towards orphans and vulnerable children.

Orphanage of All Nations, Tiko (OROALNATS) has a mission to reach out to the poorest of poor childrenand even the downtrodden and the down and out in the orphanage center. By extention, we carryout outreach activities to other less privileged and vulnerable youths at the level of their families and communities.

Our Vision
We cater for poor children and youths..

The idea of operating an orphanage according to Mr. Ayuk Thomas Agbor came up when he recalled his childhood experience. At the age of about 6 – 15years, he had the tendency to share with his friends and peers, especially the needy. He grew up amongst children who could not go to school because their parents could not afford the means. Mr. Agbor also experienced a lot of suffering as at childhood when his parents seperated and so he could not enjoy the comfort of both parents. All these pushed him to develop a great passion for orphans, especially the needy.

His profession as a prophet also encouraged him to respond to the call of assisting those in need around him. In 2010, therefore, the Orphanage of All Nations was created to cater for the needs of orphans and needy children.

First created in Mamfe, the orphanage later moved to Boma Street, Tiko and then to Commandant Street, Tiko – Douala road, where it is presently located

How we attain our mission


The children are made to attend primary school, secondary , high school and University.In the evening, the children are also followed up in organised prep classes. Our students have recorded remarkable success at the GCE Ordinary and Advanced level examinations over the years.

Vocational Training

This is given to some senior children in their various communities. The training  is aimed at enabling the children achieve economic autonomy.

Social Welfare Services

Children are given important educative talks that raise their morals/ego of their stay in the institution. These educative talks are delivered by social workers and some enlightened persons in the society.

Community Development (Reach Out)

Here in the community, we carryout awareness creating and sensitization of the community and work especially with stake holders and opinion leaders. The children are orientated  by some selected experts in order to choose interesting and profitable trades.

Primary Healthcare Exercise

The orphanage contacts trained and experiences nurses in the milieu to give helth talks to the children. Arrangements for their medical treatments and checkups are done on time to arrest undesired situations.

Empowerment and Advocacy

The institution works with human rights aorganizations and groups to teach the children civic education, citizenship, human and children’s rights etc


Everything possible is done to see into it that the children eat to thatir satisfaction, despite the hardship.

Socio Cultural

Extra-curricular activities like sports, sketches, drama and music, dance (traditional and modern) are also practiced in the orphanage which contributes to the children’s physical and mendal upbringing.

Sustainable Agriculture

This is practiced at a very subsistence level, especially due to insufficient space.