Welcome to Orphanage of all nations, Tiko.

Home to homeless orphans and vulnerable children


We take in and care for helpless orphans and vulnerable children in a bid to give them a fair shot at a normal life and a bright future.

The Orphanage of all nations, Tiko is an initative founded by Mr.  Ayuk Thomas Agbor inline with a calling to respond to the needs of the needy, especially helpless orphans in  every nation. The idea of operating an orphanage came up when…

What we do

We give hope to helpless children by giving them a sense of family, feeding and educating them untill they stand a fair chance at achieving their dreams and living the successful lives they deserve..

take orphans in

We accept orphans from across the World, irrespective of culture, religion, ethnicity or disabilties. This is our way of giving hope to these underprivileged children.

We shelter & feed

We cater for these children, providing them the basic necesities of life – Shelter, food and clothing. By doing this, we keep them off the streets and all the vices they could have been exposed to.

Protect & guide

We organise Orphanse into one strong family, instilling a sense of normal  childhood, brother and sisterhood, unity and safety. This is our way of giving these children the family they never had.

educate & empower

Because we believe in their dreams, we create an enabling environment by educating and training these children. We do this to enable them secure the better future they deserve

What we have achieved

We thank God for what He has done all these years. With your help, we can take many more orphans off the streets and give them a life.

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